Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Telecommuting: Why Doesn't the U.S. Lead?

I am eager to meet with companies, employers and initiatives that could make such a significant difference locally and in our world by doing great business even better. Signficant change is needed, possible, and essential at this time, to advance Telecommuting Business Practices in our nation.  I raised this question on the new Facebook Telework Group to gather more ideas.

What could we do to most influence Telework/Telecommuting within our nation?

What could come from a serious commitment to our citizens and our planet by a full on Telecommuting Employment Initiaitive?  

Employers  who have employed telecommuting were also able to reap large savings by having to maintain smaller offices and reduce energy use. 
Telecommuting can reduce costs, increase productivity, reduce oil consumption and energy costs, and create jobs, done in sufficient scale. 

The Telework Research Network provided business modeling for community or business to employ Telework.  A recent Kate Lister Study showed potentially Billions of savings, Millions of barrels of oil, & employees benefit from $3-10K work costs, with 73,000 less people being killed or injured in traffic related commuting.
  • Businesses could save over $100 billion in real estate, electricity, employment & absenteeism. 
  • Eliminating 218 million barrels of oil, could save $17 billion- reducing Persian Gulf imports 28%
  • Telecommuter Employee savings of $3,400-$10,500 in transportation & work-related costs
  • More than 73,000 people could avoid traffic-related injury or death. 
It could reduce oil dependence, save money, create jobs in locations otherwise devastated by unemployment...  A business office saves an average of $16,000 for every worker that telecommutes, why isnt everyone doing it? 

The elephant in the office is this. Its just too hard to do!  Its hard to trust teleworkers, and theres not enough chartered territory to be a pioneer so we keep traditional employment and being the largest consumer of Oil in the World. 

BUT OTHER COUNTRIES ARE DOING IT WELL? WHY NOT US?  In a recent study, the Telework Research Network found found that nearly 40% of U.S. workers currently hold jobs that can be performed remotely. The United States has NOW the technology, the assets, the people, the business and the need, and yet we lag in Telecommuting because we have done insufficient work to encourage adoption. Despite that statistic, coupled, United States LAGS in an area they have every reason to lead in:
  • United Kingdom over 5% of the population telecommute..
  • Canada nearly 4% telecommute. 
  • The United States lags with only 2% of the population teleworking. 
Why doesn't the U.S. take a stronger leadership role in Telework/Telecommuting Programs? 
Success case stories are tangible, but larger adoption and continuation is needed:
  • UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT is one of the few major U.S. employers that promotes teleworking, with nearly 5% of employees working virtually and plans to increase the overall number by 50%. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) saved $11 million in new real estate expenses through telework and office hoteling.
  • LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA:  CITY WORKERS: LESS ENERGY /REAL ESTATE COSTS, LOWER ABSENTEE RATE.  Telecommuters were absent two fewer days per year.The city realized an $8,000 savings per telecommuter per year on costs ranging from energy consumption to workers' compensation claims. Demand for work space reduced 30%.
  • SUN MICROSYSTEMS EMPLOYEES WORLDWIDE LESS POWER, SIGNFICANT REAL ESTATE COSTS, EMPLOYEE SAVINGS: 56% of Suns Employees Telecommuted (nearly 19,000) Study participants averaged approximately 64 watts per hour at home, compared with 130 watts per hour at a an office-- thats saving over 5,400 kilowatt-hours a year! Employees benefit from reduced travel, saving more than $1,700 annually in gasoline and vehicle wear and tear.  Sun saved about $24 million each year using the thin-client technology and $387 million in reduced office space and utility costs.
  • IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY: British telecom calculated an overall increase of 20% through telecommuting while Dow Chemical found an increase of over 30%.
Telecommuting ideas that could gain adoption when:
  • Government continues to lead by example with its practice, AND incents with business environmental or local tax credits for creating jobs and reducing U.S. Carbon Footprint. Eliminates counterproductive hidden costs of Telecommuting.
  • It is a national way of doing business, not just a metropolitan essential to combat rush hour fatigue and LOCAL pollution.
  • "Location" and "Compensation" are open for jobs that telecommute, with Employers thinking of the right fit for the job, regardless of location, for telecommutable jobs, and the employees they hire are compensated and career pathed equal to the traditional workforce.
  • Actual productivity and contributions matter more than "being seen" first at the coffee pot, or last one drinking coffee in the office at the end of the day.
  • Broadband that is largely available and affordable, even to rural areas, horribly affected by unemployment are benefitted by "Mobile Work Centers" where people can come to retrain, retool, and learn more about the types of jobs that are available to a telecommuting workforce and perhaps test drive if telecommuting might work for them. 
  • Small Business Owners could consult or leverage Telework Centers to learn how they could leverage a teleworkforce for small projects, data conversion, all the way up to Business Development or hiring a "chief" level executive.  Telework "coops" could actually allow business owners to band together to hire a percentage of the talent they need, say a Chief Technology Officer at $225,839, but they really dont need a 100% Chief Technology Officer, they really only need someone to dedicate 20% of their time-- they can co-op for the time and resource they need instead of buying more or less the talent they require, for a price they dont have to wait to hire.
  • Telework Initiatives provide best practices, consulting and leadership strategies or direction on successful implementation for business of all sizes:  Human Resources (Hiring, Compensation and Retention), Accounting, Information Technology Standardization, etc.
  • Telecommuting is not viewed as a hidden or uncommunicated perk, but a way of doing business for people that qualify for the requirements of the job, and the telecommuting way of business.

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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Twitter 4 Top Tips & 2 Pet Peaves

Twitter Top Tips and Pet Peaves:    I LOVE this blog offered by Pam Moore @: 50 Tips Granny Never Told You about Twitter;  Social Media Etiquette
  1. In Twitter, a Leader is a thinker, sharer, retweeter, and YES, a Follower.  Lead with good content (articles, links, questions or discussion). Think about what adds value. Share and get involved in topics or events of interest.  Retweet others who create great content you like.  Follow your followers.
  2. Use a URL shortener for  making long URLs shorter.. Its good for you to offer context and allows others to forward or add comments more easily. (I use "tinyurl.com" or check out TOP RANK: Social Media Marketing Tools: 11 Best URL Shorteners).  Facebook lets you connect and will automatically shorten your Notes, etc as tweets).
  3. Gain followers: Remember you connect to PEOPLE not numbers. You missed the point and opportunity if you think your success in twitter is based on growing connections.. If you connect in a meaningful way, just like in Field Of Dreams.. If you Build It, They WILL come.
  4. Participate in  #Follow Friday #FF on Twitter  Use of the # (hash tags) creates a trackable trend of all people with common interests. Follow Friday is about putting the hashtag #followfriday with a list of @"TwitterIDS" and then why to follow them.  Mashable offers a great detailed instruction on how and why to do it..  Its a great way to cheer those you like and be interested in others as well.  I like to #FF themes like (#recruiters, friends, #telework, etc)
Pet Peaves: 
  1. DM Automation made direct messages fairly impersonal and a huge waste of time to read, so I dont read them much.  I stopped reading Twitter DM's when I became overwhelmed with a high volume of spam, hacking attempts, and ill thought out canned automessages, direct marketing get rich schemes on Twitter, etc.  Dont "DM" me from Twitter with anything that needs response MOST people do not use it correctly and many people over use it for directing scripts.. I like LIFE and what your are doing NOW not what the script says to everyone when we follow you.
  2. Ask a question and engage or respond or participate. Tweetpeater is the name I give to the person who connects to the people but never really connects because they only say or forward or tweet one thing over and over again.  Dont BE a Tweetpeater.. Tweetpeater has shown they can take, they've got some quality giving to do.  Tweetpeater can be the person that asks "how are you?" seeming to engage you, but then you go into their tweet stream and realize all they really EVER do is ask "how are you" and never respond or share more than that.. Tweetpeater is the person that will ask you if you are connected on Facebook over and over again.. They might send you the URL to comment on their blog over and over again asking you to please give feedback. 

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Business Media Profile: Why MerchantCircle?

COMPANY:  MerchantCircle
 800 W. El Camino Real Suite 330  Mountain View CA , CA, 94040 USA
  • Executives:  CEO Ben Smith
  • Founded 2005
  • Top Competitors:  Groupon, Ingenio, Weblistit, TriValleyBook, CitySquares , LocalPrice, Yelp
  • Revenue:  ??
  • Employs:  30
  • User Base:  1,500,000 Local Businesses
MerchantCircle is the largest online network of local business owners, FOR small business owners, driving traffic by combining social networking features with customizable web listings that allow local merchants to attract new customers. We are a small, growing company dedicated to connecting neighbors and merchants online to help build real relationships between local business owners and their customers. To date, well over 1,000,000 local businesses have joined MerchantCircle to get their business more exposure on the Internet, simply and inexpensively.

Merchant Circle:  Facebook  |  Twitter  | LinkedIn |

  1. Promote your business on the web in minutes
  2. Be more visible in search engine results
  3. Track what's being said about your business online
  4. Easily advertise on Google, Yahoo! and more
  5. Get local customer referrals

BUSINESS SOCIAL MEDIA OFFERINGS:   The site is free with many free tools, and some premium services, but they also offer premium accounts starting at $30/month, as well as business verification services, search engine marketing, and website creation- all great for helping support your business.  MerchantCircle Community Forum offers resources for how to get started.
  • Appointment Making Online (Click it And Book It)
  • Dashboard -- (Simplifies all key features and how to manage business effectively).
    • Company Profile Page ( How To Edit Your Business Information - Contact, Cities, Description, Key Words, Web links, Profile Photos, Story, Map Location, Layouts, News Topics, and Other Favorites)
    • PUBLISHING: Create your Own Content for publication on your page, in your community, and shareable out on other websites and social networks!
    • Local Indexes and Networking (How and WHY to Network with Other Merchants- because people with 20 or more connections have 3 times more traffic to their page)
    • PROMOTE: For Paid Merchant Services.
    • Widget Integration with Sites Outside of Merchant Circle   (How To Add Widgets - Reviews, Blogs, Newsletters, Logos, Coupons to other Websites or Blogs outside of Merchant Circle) Badges and integration with other social networks, blogs and webspaces.
    • Social Integration with Twitter and Facebook. (How To Integrate MerchantCircle-  with Twitter and Facebook Wisely)
    • Facebook Fan Page Forum:  Follow and Be Followed.. Grow and share a Facebook FanPage Following.
  1. Build Your Business Page.
  2. Build Your Following and Connect to other businesses.
  3. Participate in Forums some Forums.
  4. Create some blogs, news, coupons, ads.  
  5. Make Reviews of Other Merchants, create Lists, and Participate with Merchants you like
  6. Grow your presence. Celebrate Partners and reward customers.

FEEDBACK:  Have you read anything hot you felt should be included to support Business Media Growth using MerchantCircle?? Share it here..

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Business Media Profile: Why Facebook?

COMPANY:  FACEBOOK:  http://facebook.com/
Address: 1601 S. California Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94304
Phone: 650-543-4800 
  • Executives: CEO: Mark Zuckerberg , COO: Sheryl Sandberg ,   CFO: David A. Ebersman
  • Founded February 2004
  • Top Competitors: Google, MySpace, Twitter
  • Revenue: US $800 million (2009 est.)
  • Employs: 1700+ (2010)
  • User Base: 500 Million
Facebook is currently even more popular and most frequently visited site in the U.S, and its bigger than GOOGLE.  The site was launched in 2004 by Harvard undergraduate Mark Zuckerberg, as an online version of the Harvard Facebook--where users could post photos and information to connecting students, but later opened its service to the general public. 

BUSINESS SOCIAL MEDIA OFFERINGS: What a face gotta do with business?  Every face of course works or wants to work for somebody.. Every face spends money and talks about spending money and the companies the love or hate spending them at. 

  1. Build Your Business Page.
  2. Build Your Following and Connect to other businesses.
  3. Join some networking groups.
  4. Share some events, news, discounts, etc.
  5. Grow your presence. Celebrate Partners and reward customers.
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Joblessness is a COMMUNITY not INDIVIDUAL epidemic that SHOULD be relieved.

Joblessness is an epidemic that affects communities and it affects an entire communities well being when jobs loss without replacement is extended long enough that it gives way to increased health trauma and homelessness. Families hope NOT to be one of those left standing, because unlike the game of musical chairs, when the music stops, those left without a seat must manage much uncertainty. Some become homeless, some without healthcare, find it difficult to sustain their health, some in fact die from untreated illness. There is no present "vaccine" for joblessness, but human caring, community and government programs must find a new resourcefulness so there is much less extended suffering.

News covers the stories like CNN last week where a man at wits end comes into a Florida school board meeting and begs for attention for his wifes job back then opened fire and shooting but missing each shot, unless his goal was to have his own life taken. WHY would we cover a story like that without looking deeper into the story?  Was this a situation where jobs loss actually creates such despair in a family that the husband becomes a martyr for health insurance reasons? 

In Minneapolis last night there was a vigil for 126 people who died of the affects of extended homelessness this year. Lets not have suicide, homicide or poverty affect that which makes us great.. Caring makes a difference in all times.. It is time for us to be open about the larger affects of joblessness, and work to create a solution that helps more people to live.  Let us live and be well by helping solve the larger problems, its not just the inconvenience of lack of employment. 

Whole families struggling for work face much trauma, but communities can and should make a difference.  
It might not make news that people who are facing the tough news of layoff at the holiday season, with limited resources, are still able to come together, but sometimes they just need to have the resources to know that they can weather this storm, and be an example for others as well.. Let us start to embody that kind of caring for one another. 

  • Merchant Discounts for Laid Off Workers
  • Donate to or volunteer for the Organizations that make a difference (Salvation Army, Churches, etc)
  • OFFER OPTIONS: Dont let people in your community choose between "Sick and Freezing" or Sick and Starving" 
  • We CAN create new jobs and ways of working that fill hard to fill jobs and put good people to work, even in the most depressed communities!!
  • Where are the support centers locally and nationally that help with the broader picture of the impacts of stress around jobloss- health care  after loss of insurance, stress and suicide hotlines, homeowner help line when programs fail to do anything but complicate and increase the trauma.

  1. What programs have you found locally or nationally that help laid off workers who are facing extended joblessness with medical care, food, heating and shelter?
  2. What do you see being done to make a radical difference in helping these people to connect? 
  3. What more COULD and SHOULD be done to see that the more critical traumatic elements of joblessness on citizens and the community they live in are preserved? 


Monday, December 13, 2010

Ozone The Band at First Night Akron New Years Eve


Ozone,  a proud, Akron based Rock n Soul, Funk n Roll band, takes the stage at the John S. Knight Center from 7:30-8, 8:15 - 9:00 New Years Eve at First Night Akron. 

First Night Akron, is a 15 year, New Year's tradition as a festive, family-friendly, alcohol-free New Year's Eve celebration ringing in the New Year with lively music, art, dance, and spectacular fireworks. Events will be held at various venues in downtown Akron, First Night Akron and promises to be a positive entertaining alternative to house parties and bar events.

  • Entertainment Schedule  Musical artists in addition to Ozone, include Colin Dussault's Blues Project, Zydeco Kings, the Cleveland Chinese Music Ensemble and the Akron Derbytown Barbershop Chorus. For a complete entertainment schedule, visit the First Night Web site.
  • Venue MapOzone will be performing at the John S Knight Center Exhibit Hall 1.  First Night Akron takes places at a variety of mostly indoor venues in downtown Akron including the Akron Art Museum, Akron Civic Theatre, Akron-Summit County Public Library, Greystone Hall, John S. Knight Center, Lock 3, METRO Transit Center, National Inventors Hall of Fame and the UA Polsky Building, and a few activities that take place outdoors, like the fireworks displays. 
  • Admission ButtonsAdmission buttons to First Night Akron 2010 are $10 and include access to all events. Children under 10 years of age are free when accompanied by an adult with an admission button. Buttons are sold throughout the Akron area
  • Parking and Transportation:  Free parking is available to First Night revelers at a variety of downtown Akron parking lots after 3pm on December 31.  There is also a free shuttle for First Night button wearers that runs continuously between venues from 5pm to 11:30pm.

OZONE :  Facebook   |   Reverbnation (Music Player) | Twitter

Everyone who loves Music will agree, there are at least three fundamental elements that truly great music will always have in common.

  • First: Songs that begin in the hearts of the artists but end up in the hearts of the listeners.
  • Second: Lyrics that resonate everyday truths about widely known joys and rarely spoken of disillusionment and pain.
  • And Finally: If you can't do it Live don't do it at all.  
OZONE represents new R&B energy while weaving a gritty reminiscent Rock Sensibility, not heard of since Sly and the Family Stone. They spin tales of love, unity and romance gone bad in ways that will make you feel like dancing and singing along. And the only thing funkier than the OZONE Sound, is the OZONE Sound Live. They Play Long. They Play Hard. And They Come Highly Recommended to your Heart. 

Contact Information:  Ozone the Band Odell Lyde/ Dawn Khan ( Mular )
3867 West Market 102 Akron, OH 44333
330.633.9978 / 330.703.1007
odelllyde@msn.com  or ozonetheband@gmail.com  


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Google's Hiring Process : Googles Method for hiring Brilliant People..

Liane Hornsey, VP People Operations, Google
"My problem is I hire brilliant people.  So 95-99 percent of my people are high talent.  They really, really are.  The people here are good.  So we don’t use traditional methods."

Google is ranked 120th biggest companies in the world today (by Forbes) and has the biggest index of web pages in the world – it is utilized so much that its search engine receives over a billion searches a day and is used worldwide-even in Antarctica.

As an organisation Google prides itself on being a young, vibrant company with talented and creative staff. Google has an infamous philosophy towards its employees which is to really take care and look after them. They have many facilities at their establishments which are available to all their staff – free canteens, gyms, games rooms, laundry rooms, swimming pools, day care and multiple courts.

Added to that, employees are encouraged to spend 20 percent of their time working on their own projects, coming up with their own ideas. About 50 percent of Google’s products have come from that free time given to employees. In November of this year, Google gave all its employees a $1000 bonus and a 10 percent increase in pay which cost the company over $20 million. Could this be the best company to work for?

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MeetTheBoss.tv came face-to-face with the woman who is in charge of recruiting new people to the organisation. Liane Hornsey explains what it takes to be included as a Googler and what personal traits they look for in people when taking them on.

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